O t h e r / A n n a t

2010 –

Here I will collect some things that do not fit anywhere else but that still deserve some kind of place.

Här kommer jag samla lite sådant som inte får plats någon annanstans men som ändå förtjänar någon typ av plats.

Testet- Vinklar is from a series of experiments with sex, objects and identity. I want to give the audience and herself the chance to experience a fetish object and ourselves from different angles.
Olof Persson (dance) and Kajsa Magnarsson (sound) at a performance during Göteborg Sounds at Storan, Gothenburg, 22/10/16.
Sirene is a sound installation made by 50 modified rape-alarms and a stroboscope. The quality of the sound in the video does not make the sound at the actual installation justice. Sirene is made by mellem, a collaboration between Kaj Duncan David and Kajsa Magnarsson.

This is 5 minutes from the performance ”15 minutes of shame”. The work consists in that I singing the famous song ”My heart will go on” into a head-set with a general-midi accompaniment for 15 minutes.

My performance at Supermarket 2014 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair to promote the BZZZ SOUND ART FESTIVAL, HARP ART LAB, SWEDEN. Three hundred sound processed drinks was served.